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Simplicity meets innovation in a cooperative way. Our free tier invites you to explore how AI-Term can transform your website into an interactive hub, stimulate a cooperative relationship between your content and your audience. Discover how <ai-term> not only saves time but also actively engages your users, enhancing their understanding. Register for the free tier today and embark on a journey to make your website not just informative, but interactively enriching and accessible to everyone.

Provide a valid domain including https://
Domain Api Key:  

Development Api Key: 
  • The Free-Tier has NO HIDDEN COSTS
  • Limited to 20 unique prompts per day
  • Prompt word count is limited to 5 Words
  • Prompt word count up to 2 is prefixed with "Explain "
  • Limited speed and shared api hosting.

AI-Term API Integration Guide

Follow these simplified steps to integrate the AI-Term API into your website:

Step 1: Verify Domain with Meta Tag

Begin by verifying your domain. Simply add the following meta tag into the head section of your website's HTML. This is a non-invasive method to confirm domain ownership and does not affect your site's functionality. It's compatible with most CMS systems like TYPO3, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc.

<meta name="ai-term_apiKey" content="YOUR_PRODUCTION_API_KEY">

Step 2: Setup for Development (optional)

In development, set up AI-Term on your local or development environment using your development API key. Include the AI-Term JavaScript library by linking to the CDN or downloading it (in the HEAD or at the start of your BODY section):

<script src="" crossorigin="anonymous" type="module"></script>

Then, add the AI-Term chat widget at the bottom of your site's body section. Providing your development api key will override the production key in the meta tag:

<ai-term-chat api-key="YOUR_DEVELOPMENT_API_KEY"></ai-term-chat>

Note that this step is optional, if you want to go live without testing out the prompts, you can continue with STEP 3.

Step 3: Setup for Production

In production, set up AI-Term by including the AI-Term JavaScript library by linking to the CDN or downloading it:

<script src="" crossorigin="anonymous" type="module"></script>

ENSURE that you still have the META Tag in your HTML in production, it should be there AT ALL TIMES.

<meta name="ai-term_apiKey" content="YOUR_PRODUCTION_API_KEY">

Then, add the AI-Term chat widget at the bottom of your site's body section. Don't leave the development key here in product setup:


AI-Term Usage

After installation, you can start using AI-Term in the following ways:

  • Wrap <ai-term></ai-term> tags around any word on your website to enable it for AI-Term.
  • Add the "prompt" attribute inside the <ai-term> tag to provide more elaborated prompts for the AI. For instance: <ai-term prompt="What is the meaning of inferience pattern?">inference</ai-term>.

Note: The free tier allows up to two words. Higher tiers offer more words and extra features like automatic website-context detection, product promotion, and advanced AI capabilities.

Example Website Structure

    <meta name="ai-term_apiKey" content="xyz123">
        <script src="" crossorigin="anonymous" type="module"></script>
        <h2>Your awesome <ai-term>Edge Computing</ai-term> automotive company.</h2>
        <p>At our Company, we're transforming driving with edge computing technology...</p>
        <ai-term-chat />

Remember, for your public website, use the production API key in the meta tag. For development or local testing, use the development API key in the AI-Term chat widget.

To activate your license, you must have the META TAG with the PRODUCTION API KEY available in your PRODUCTION WEBSITE.

If you have any UI/RENDERING issue with the widgets / elements, please add this tag to the HEAD section of your website.

 <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, minimum-scale=1" />
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